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一 : 初中毕业生英语演讲稿范文

first of all, we must cultivate students' interest in english study. let students in learning to find joy in joy in the interest of interest, found in the determination of decision and perseverance, namely train drivers + + to + perserve = interest. of course started to learn english, don't be too hard. guiding students from the simple, funny, funny began to enable students to find suitable for their interest in learning. and they decide to "light" surveys. and allow students to go wrong, don't pursue every word is correct. ,

secondly, the students have interest, help them to plan. watch english materials and listen to english radio, looking for learning environment, life is much, learn english and have much broader, take every chance to exposure to english. in class, students try to speak in english, usually between classmates exchange, encourage students to use english, don't be afraid of making mistakes the wrong. to establish weekly learning new words in the target, the vocabulary, records recorded all sorts of new words and phrases. because learning english must have vocabulary as the foundation, will play a protracted war, remembering words to guerrilla warfare. can make them more "to" surveys.

learning english as friends, in different occasions contact might remember, not isolated words and remember its neighbors. it is necessary to guide students to read, this of learning english is very important to have more understanding of western culture and western learning habit, master of language background is also an important way of learning. then two chinese ppc to achieve. we finally achieved the goal ", two surveys to two chinese to spending."

finally, let students enjoy happiness in suffering, more study is interesting, from passive to active, change from me to learn to learn. 译文 首先,我们要培养学生学习英语的兴趣。让学生在学习中去寻找欢乐,在欢乐中找到兴趣,在兴趣中下决心,在决心中培养毅力,即动因+兴趣+决心+持之以恒=成绩。当然开始学英语时不要追求太高,太难。指导学生从简单的,有趣的,好笑的开始使学生找出适合自己的学习兴趣。同时引导他们“from easy to difficult.”。并允许学生出错,不要追求每个单词都正确。

其次,学生有了兴趣,帮助他们制定计划。每天看英语材料和听英语广播,寻找学习环境,生活范围有多大,学英语的天地就有多宽广,利用一切机会去接触英语。在课堂上让学生试着讲英语,平时同学之间交流时多用英语,鼓励学生不要怕出错,错了没关系。同时要建立每周学习生词的目标,在记录词汇本里,记录各种各样的生词,短语。因为学好英语必须要有词汇作基础,要打持久战;记单词要打游击战。就能做到“from little to more”。

学英语如同交朋友,在不同的场合接触就可能记牢,不能孤立的记单词,要记住它的左邻右舍。同时很有必要指导学生大量的阅读,这对学习英语有是非常重要的,多了解西方文化,学习西方习惯,掌握大量的语言背景是学习的又一条重要途径。那么就达到from chinese to english。我们最终要达到目的 “from english to english ,from english to chinese ”

二 : 小学生英语演讲稿各种主题范文

Dear teacher and classmates:

I am very glad to make a speech here in this class again! This time, I\'d like to talk something about English.

I love English. English language is now used everywhere in the world. It has become the most common language on Internet and for international trade. Learning English makes me confident and brings me great pleasure.

When I was seven, my mother sent me to an English school. At there, I played games and sang English songs with other children . Then I discovered the beauty of the language, and began my colorful dream in the English world.

Everyday, I read English following the tapes. Sometimes, I watch English cartoons.

On the weekend, I often go to the English corner. By talking with different people there, I have made more and more friends as well as improved my oral English.

I hope I can travel around the world someday. I want to go to America to visit Washington Monument, because the president Washington is my idol. Of course, I want to go to London too, because England is where English language developed. If I can ride my bike in Cambridge university, I will be very happy.

I hope I can speak English with everyone in the world. I\'ll introduce China to them, such as the Great Wall, the Forbidden City and Anshan.

I know, Rome was not built in a day. I believe that after continuous hard study, one day I can speak English very well.

If you want to be loved, you should learn to love and be lovable. So I believe as I love English everyday , it will love me too.



我很高兴可以在这个课堂上做一次演讲.这一次,我想谈谈英语.我的话题是我爱英语. 正如每个人所知,英语在今天十分重要.它已经被应用到世界的各个角落.它已经成为商业上最为通用的一门语言并广泛的用于国际贸易.如果我们能说好英语,我们就有更多的机会成功.因为越来越多的人注意到这一点,学英语的人数正在已很高的速度增长. 但是对我而言,我学英语不仅仅因为它的重要性以及它的实用性,更是因为我喜爱英语.当我学英语时,我可以体会到一种不同的思维方式,它可以给我更多接触世界的空间.当我读英语小说时,我能感受到不同于阅读翻译文的快乐.当我说英语时,我可以感到自信.当我写英语时,我能够感到不同于汉语的那种美…… 我爱英语,它给了我一个色彩斑斓的梦.我希望有朝一日我可以畅游世界,用我流利的英语,我可以和世界各地的人交友.我能看到许多的名胜.我希望我能够到伦敦去,因为那里是英语的故乡. 我也希望用我流利的英语来将我们的名胜介绍给说英语的朋友,我希望他们可以像我们一样的爱我们的国家. 我知道,罗马不是一天筑成的、(成功需要日积月累.)我相信在持续不断的努力学习下,总有一天我可以拥有一口流利的英语.如果你想被爱,你就应该学着去爱他人.所以我相信我对英语的爱定将换来它对我的爱.我相信总有一天我会实现我的梦! 谢谢!

I Am Chinese

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls,

I am Chinese. I am proud of being a Chinese with five thousand years of civilization behind. I've learned about the four great inventions made by our forefathers. I've learned about the Great Wall and the Yangtze River. I've learned about Zhang Heng(张衡)and I've learned about Zheng He(郑和).Who says the Yellow River Civilization has vanished(消失)?I know that my ancestors have made miracles(奇迹)on this fertile land and we're still making miracles. Who can ignore the fact that we have established ourselves as a great state in the world, that we have devised our own nuclear weapons, that we have successfully sent our satellites into space, and that our GNP ranks No. 7 in the world? We have experienced the plunders (掠夺) by other nations, and we have experienced the war. Yet, based on such ruins, there still stands our nation----China, unyielding and unconquerable!

I once came across an American tourist. She said, “China has a history of five thousand years, but the US only has a history of 200 years. Five thousand years ago, China took the lead in the world, and now it is the US that is leading.”My heart was deeply touched by these words. It is true that we're still a developing nation, but it doesn't mean that we can despise (鄙视) ourselves. We have such a long-standing history, we have such abundant resources, we have such intelligent and diligent people, and we have enough to be proud of. We have reasons to say proudly: we are sure to take the lead in the world in the future again, for our problems are big, but our ambition (雄心) is even bigger, our challenges (挑战) are great, but our will is even greater.

I am Chinese. I have inherited (继承) black hair and black eyes. I have inherited the virtues of my ancestors. I have also taken over responsibility. I am sure, that wherever I go, whatever I do, I shall never forget that I am Chinese!

I love you, China

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, I’m very glad to make a speech here. Today my topic is “I love you, China.”

Since the day I was born, I began to have a proud name—Chinese. Since the day I began to talk, the most beautiful sentence I’ve ever learnt has been “I love you, China!”

I love you, China, and I’m so proud of being a Chinese. I’m proud that I’ve got the beautiful yellow skin, black eyes and black hair. I’m also proud that I speak the most beautiful language in the world—Chinese.

I love you, China, for I can feel the deep love you give me every day, every minute. Last year, I got an opportunity to visit the United States of America. During my staying there, my father’s boss once invited my family to dinner. While at table, he looked at me and asked: “Little boy, how long have you been in America?” “About a month,” I answered, “How lucky you are!” he said, “If you were living in China, how could you learn such perfect English?” I smiled and told him proudly that all the students in China are able to learn English at school. I saw his surprised eyes and said to myself, “I’m proud of you, China. For you are offering us the best education.”

When I came back from the USA, my friends asked me: “How do you feel about your staying there?” “Wonderful” I said. “Then why do you come back?” Hearing this, I told them there were lots of beautiful countries in the world, but none of them can compare with our own country—China. How true the saying is: “There’s no place like home!”

I love you, China. As a young student, all we should do is to study hard and devote ourselves whole-heartedly in the future, to the great cause of building you into an even stronger and greater country in the world. I love you, my dear motherland! I love you, China!

Thank you for your listening !

I love English

When I was seven, I started learning English. I played games and sang English songs with other children. Sometimes, I watched English cartoons. It's funny. Then I discovered the beauty of the language, and began my colorful dream in the English world.

I hope I can travel around the world someday. I want to go to America to visit Washington, because my cousin is over there. Of course, I want to go to London too, because England is where English language developed. If I can ride my bike in Cambridge University, I will be very happy.

I hope I can speak English with everyone in the world. Also I'll introduce China to them, such as the Great Wall, and the gardens in Suzhou. I will teaching people of the world about the beautiful language of our country.

I like the English language. To learn English is wonderful. I once wanted to be an English teacher . I also like Chinese literature. When I was really young, I was able to remember lots of poems. I also wanted to be a teacher of Chinese. Now I think that both of my dreams can come true: I will be able to use English to teach foreign friends Chinese and share Chinese culture with them. So that more and more people will be able to get to know the 5000 years' history culture, and the prosperity of our great China.

My future is not a dream. I am confident that it will come true.







Good morning/afternoon! Ladies and gentlemen. I’m glad to come here with you. The topic of my speech today is “Dream Comes True”.

It’s a fine day today.

I stare at the smart girl in the mirror for a long time. “I can do it well.” I give myself a sweet smile. I’m a guide for my hometown, Lishui. I’m very happy.

How time flies! During these years, A simple little girl has become a famous guide. And an old city has taken on a splendid new look. The new high buildings with eye-catching colors have replaced the old houses. The city constructs the high ways. People are living a better and more comfortable life.

I check my bag again to make sure that everything are there .Yes, I get them all……

There’s a camera in it. It can take down all beautiful scenery of Lishui. and the beauty of friendship between our citizens and guests.

There’s a small mirror in my bag too. I must keep a neat appearance for facing my guests. Today, I have a nice name, call Lishuier. I also write down some sentences on each card, such as “Welcome to Lishui” and “A big world, a warm family.” These will be sent to our dear guests.

At last, I’m sure that I put the last important thing in ----my smile. A heart-warming smile stands a whole world. It’s a language used by everybody, no matter where he comes. I want our guests to remember the warm smile of our citizens and take it back to every corner of the world.

With the bag in my arms, I open the door. It’s not only an ordinary door of my house, but also the access to my dreamlike reality.  The sunlight is so lovely. It’s a fine day today. Thank you!

I like sports

Good morning, Everyone!

I will talk about sports. I am an active boy. I like many kinds of sports, such as walking, skating, climbing, cycling and skipping. Doing sports gives me a good health and brings me a lot of fun.

Now, I will tell you about my cycling sport. I often ride my bicycle when I am free. I like to ride my bicycle on a road near my house. It is an empty road. There are no cars and few people walking on the road. It is about four kilometers long. It has several long slopes. So it is very good for cycling. When I ride down the slopes, the bicycle runs very fast, and I feel I am flying. That’s a very good feeling for me. When I ride up the slopes, it is very difficult, but it is a good training for me. I always try my best to ride up as long as possible. Cycling there gives me lots of fun.

Everyone can get ill, but doing sports is a good doctor. I know an English saying “Exercise one hour a day, keep illness away.” My own story has proved it. I once had an illness. I had to go to see the doctors and take medicines very often. After doing sports for several years, I have recovered now.

Doing sports gives me a strong body and brings me lots of fun. So if you want to be strong, please do sports; if you want to enjoy a happy life, please do sports, too.

Thank you

I have a busy father and a kind mother.

My father is a businessman. He is 42 years old. He is short. He likes reading newspapers after meals. He watches TV in the evening. He goes to work by car. He has got a nice black car. He often plays golf with his friends on the weekend. He does not often eat dinner with us.

My mother is a housewife. She doesn’t work. She stays at home. She is beautiful. She has long hair. She does housework in the morning. She often goes shopping in the afternoon. She is kind, but she is strict to my study. She likes reading. She watches TV at night, too.

I love my parents. And they love me too. I have many friends in my class. They're lovely and interesting. I would like to introduce some of them. Alice is very cute. She's also kind to everyone and she's very enthusiastic. She's always ready to help everyone, but she is forgetful. She always forgets to bring her textbooks, but our teachers always forgive her. Ben is the most talkative boy in our class. His nickname is “chatterbox.” He has a great sense of humor and he always makes me laugh. Linda is a quiet student. She is good at every subject but she never shows off. Allen is a very tall boy. He plays basketball very well and he is on our school team. He often says, “playing basketball is good for your health. How about your classmates? Do you like them? Try to admire your classmates. You will be happier.


Good morning everyone, today is my turn to the speech. First of all, I would like to say that a quick test, we hope that the good preparation, good test for all, is the only way home for a good year. My English is not high, I wish I could within the next two years to learn English well. I hope you will be able to learn English after graduation to have a good future. Finally, I wish the students and teachers a happy new year, further study and work. Well! I finished the speech. Thank you for listening。




Today I am very happy,Because I can talk about with you.You see I am

a lovely girl,yes!I like laughing,I like studying.That`s me-- zhuyingjie from Badong shiyan primary school.I am eight. I am young but I know “we are the masters of nature.” We have only one earth. But now,the environment becomes worse and worse. As you know,there's no enough clean water for people. So many of them lose their lives because of water.If we take good care of our earth today,it will be more beautiful tomorrow.

My dear friend let us start from the trivial side,To be a good kid keeper.


My favourite super star is JJ , he has a lovely dimple and his eyes are also very lovely . Now let me tell you the story about JJ .

He enterde the music indestry at the year 2004 , before that year ,he was only a boy who wrote songs for many super stars ,his songs were liked by many people but no one care who was the writer . He was noly hard to write songs because he like music ,he thought music has it soal , if you sing it by heart , it well be lived .

I like a song of him , it's name is CRIES IN A DISTANCE , the song tells us ,nothing is sad if we belive the hope . He has many difficulty , but his song says , cries in a distance , can't stop the tremble , I'm just waiting my turn , hiding will never , save me forever , the guns gonne get me for sure . Dear god I pray why won't you be my friend , come to me and take my hand ,like mama would say everything will be ok.

Now he is not rather a shy singer and performer , the lyrical songs make him mature ,and now he is a man or not a boy .

He is a real super star with many fans ,the improve mark a big step forward confident .

4. I love English 我喜欢英语

I love English

My honorable teachers , my beloved schoolmates.Good morning everyone,

may I have your attention,please? I am glad to be able to give a lecture on this classroom. This once , I want to talk about English. My topic of conversation is that I love English.

As everyone knows,English is very important today.It has been used everywhere in the world.It has become the most common language on Internet and for international trade. If we can speak English well,we will have more chance to succeed.Because more and more people have taken notice of it,the number of the people who go to learn English has increased at a high speed.

But for myself,I learn English not only because of its importance and its usefulness,but also because of my love for it.When I learn English, I can feel a different way of thinking which gives me more room to touch the world.When I read English novels,I can feel the pleasure from the book which is different from reading the translation.When I speak English, I can feel the confident from my words.When I write English,I can see the beauty which is not the same as our Chinese...

I love English,it gives me a colorful dream.I hope I can travel around the world one day. With my good English, I can make friends with many people from different contries.I can see many places of great intrests.I dream that I can go to London,because it is the birth place of English.

I also want to use my good English to introduce our great places to the English spoken people,I hope that they can love our country like us.

I know, Rome was not built in a day. I believe that after continuous hard study, one day I can speak English very well.

If you want to be loved, you should learn to love and be lovable. So I believe as I love English everyday , it will love me too.

I am sure that I will realize my dream one day!

Thank you!

5. 小学生英语演讲比赛稿:Our School我的学校

Good morning, my dear teachers and friends! My name is Li Bingke, from class four O five. Today, I am very happy to be here. My topic is “Our School”.

My dear friends, welcome to our school! My school is very beautiful! It has a big playground. We can play and do some sports there. Near the playground, there is a garden. Many trees and flowers are there. So the air is very clean and we can hear birds singing in the trees. It is so wonderful. Our teaching buildings are around the garden and look like our teachers’ arms to welcome us. We can draw pictures in the art room on the first floor and read story-books in the library on the second floor. My classroom is on the third floor. It is clean and bright. We like to study in it. The computer room is on the fifth floor. We can sing and dance in the music room on the sixth floor. What a lot of fun! We can have lunch in the canteen near Defang Teaching Building.

In our school, our teachers work hard and help us with our lessons. We study hard and listen to teachers carefully. After class, our teachers play with us and we feel very happy.

Our school is so nice and our teachers are so kind. We all love them. Dear friends, do you like them?

That's all. Thanks!

早上好,我亲爱的老师和朋友们!我的名字是李Bingke ,来自一流的四个? 5 。今天,我很高兴到这里来。我的主题是“我们的学校” 。




6. A Forever Friend小学英语演讲A Forever Friend

sometimes in life

you find a special friend

someone who change you life just by being part of it

someone who makes you laugh until you can not stop

someone who makes you believe that there really is good in the word

someone who convinces you that there really is an unlocked door just waiting for you

to open it

this is forever friendship









三 : 小学生英语演讲稿范文


I have a favorite teacher.

Her name is Miss Lee.

She is so wonderful to me.

She has a sweet personality.

She's very patient and kind.

She never gets angry or yells.

She encourages me.

She compliments my efforts.

She makes me feel special all the time.

Her class is interesting.

We do many different things.

We never feel tired or bored.

She's charming and bright.

She's an expert for sure.

She answers every question we ask.

She demands a lot.

She gives lots of homework.

But we always work hard to please her.

The little things make her great.

Her smile warms my heart.

Her *** praise is music to my ears.

She's a good listener.

She's very understanding.

She's fair to everyone.

She brightens up my day.

I'll never forget her.

I'll remember her forever.

四 : 小学生英语故事演讲稿范文【中英文版】

1)buying a hat

a lady went to a hat shop to buy a hat. as she was very fussy, it took her a long time to pick on one. already at the end of his patience the salesman was afraid that she might change her mind again so he tried to flatter her: "an excellent choice, madam. you look at least ten years younger with this hat on!" to his dismay, the lady took off her hat at once and said: "i don't want a hat that makes me look ten years older as soon as i take it off. show me some more hats!"



(5) not long after an old chinese woman came back to china from her visit to her daughter in the states, she went to a city bank to deposit the us dollars her daughter gave her. at the bank counter, the clerk checked each note carefully to see if the money was real. it made the old lady out of patience.

at last she could not hold any more, uttering. "trust me, sir, and trust the money. they are real us dollars. they are directly from america."


(3)she kindled a third match. again shot up the flame; and now she was sitting under a most beautiful christmas tree ,far larger, and far more prettily decked out, than the one she had seen last christmas eve through the glass doors of the rich merchant's house. hundreds of wax-tapers lighted up the green branches, and tiny painted figures, such as she had seen in the shop-windows, looked down from the tree upon her. the child stretched out her hands towards them in delight, and in that moment the lights of the match warm quenched; still, however, the christmas candles burned higher and higher, she beheld them beaming like stars in heaven; one of them fell, the lights streaming behind it like a long, fiery tail.

“now some one is dying,” said the little girl, softly, for she had been told by her old grandmother, the only person who had ever been kind to her, and who was now dead that whenever a star falls an immortal spirit returns to the god who gave it.

she struck yet another match against the wall; it flamed up, and surrounded by its light, appeared before her that same dear grandmother, gentle and loving as always, but bright and happy as she had never looked during her lifetime.

她擦着了第三根火柴,又冒出了火焰。现在她觉得正坐在非常美丽的圣诞树下面,比上次圣诞节透过那富商家的玻璃门看到的那株还要大、还要美。这株树的绿枝上点燃着许许多多的蜡烛,颜色瑰丽的图画,就象橱窗里挂着的那些一样漂亮,仿佛在向她眨眼。小姑娘把两只手伸过去,火柴又熄灭了。然而圣诞树上的烛光越升越高。她看到它们变成了明亮的星星,有一颗落下来,在天上划出一道长长的火丝。 “现在又有一个什么人死了。”小姑娘说。因为她的老祖母——一个唯一待她好的人,现在已经死了,曾经告诉过她,天上落下一颗星,地上就有一个灵魂回到曾赋于他生命的上帝那里去。 她在墙上又擦了一根火柴,火光把四周照亮了。在亮光里,亲爱的和生前一样的祖母出现了。她依然是那么的慈爱和温和,然而那快活和幸福的样子却是她生前从未有过的

(4)but the teacher cried

the six-year-old john was terribly spoiled . his father knew it, but his grandma doted on him. he hardly left her side. and when he wanted anything, he either cried or threw a temper tantrum. then came his first day of school, his first day away from his grandmother's loving arms. when he came home from school his grandma met him at the door."was school all right?" she asked, "did you get along all right? did you cry?""cry?" john asked. "no, i didn't cry, but the teacher did!"





(5)a bet

two pals are sitting in a pub watching the eleven-'clock news.a reporter comes on about a man threatening to jump from the 20th floor of a downtown www.61k.com friend turns to the other and says,'i'll bet you ten bucks the guy doesn't jump.'

'it's a bet,' agrees his buddy.

a few minutes later, the man on the ledge jumps,so the loser hands his pal a $10 bill.'i can't take your money,'his friend admits.'i saw him jump earlier on the six-o'clock news.'

'me,too,'says the other buddy.'but i didn't think he'd do it again.






(6)julie was saying her bedtime prayers. "please god," she said, "make naples the capital of italy. make naples the capital of italy."

her mother interrupted and said. "julie, why do you want god to make naples the capital of italy?"

and julie replied, "because that's what i put in my geography exam!"




(7)nest and hair

my sister, a primary school teacher, was informed by one of her pupils that a bird had built its nest in the tree outside the classroom.

"what kind of bird?" my sister asked.

"i didn't see the bird, ma' am, only the nest," replied the child.

"then, can you give us a description of the nest?" my sister encouraged her .

"well, ma'am, it just resembles your hair. "


1 inform v.告诉 2 nest n.窝;巢 3 description n.描述 4 encourage v.鼓励 5 resemble v. 相似;类似


我姐姐是一位小学老师。一次一个学生告诉她说一只鸟儿在教室外 的树上垒了个窝。





(8)i've just bitten my tongue

"are we poisonous?" the young snake asked his mother.

"yes, dear," she replied - "why do you ask?"

"cause i've just bitten my tongue! "


1 poisonous adj.有毒的

2 cause i've just bitten my tongue 因为我刚咬了自己的舌头。 句中 cause 是 because 的缩略形式。





(9)a woman who fell

it was rush hour and i was dashing to a train in new york city's grand central terminal - as i neared the gate, a plump, middle-aged woman sprinted up from behind, lost her footing on the smooth marble floor and slid onto her back. her momentum carried her close to my shoes. before i could help her, however, she had scrambled up. gaining her composure, she winked at me and said, "do you always have beautiful women failing at your feet?"




五 : 小学生毕业英语演讲稿范本

dear graduates,


tomorrow, or maybe today, you will be leaving us. like fresh winds blowing out of this lychee campus, like eagles spreading their wings, you aspire towards the azure sky higher and above. allow me, on behalf of the university, to add a few parting words to the beginning of your new journey.


graduation is a remarkable accomplishment.


here on the lychee campus, you've spent two to eight golden years of your prime youth, pursuing undergraduate or postgraduate studies. the freshly conferred master's or bachelor's degree is a recognition that you have covered a considerable part of your life's journey in the right direction, accomplished a worthwhile business, withstood the tempering of university education, and acquired a positive capital for the days to come. my colleagues and i are happy and proud that you have made it. our warmest congratulations to all of you!


graduation is an outlet for burning aspirations.


it is time the hunters to confront the lofty mountains, and the seamen, the vast sea. the outside world can be extremely challenging at times, but therein also lies rich opportunities. a poem has this beautiful line, "a hundred thousand mountains/loom large/in the dim twilights/who is the brave one/to cross them/amidst rumbling thunders?/who, i pray thee?" i can see in your face an eagerness to answer the call. yes, who else, if not you? with that determination, the highest mountain will be climbed, and the vastest sea will be crossed.

现在是猎人面对山岳,以及海员,茫茫大海。外面的世界是非常具有挑战性的时候,但其中也在于丰富的机会。一首诗了这个美丽的路线, “十万山/织机大/在昏暗twilights /谁是勇敢的1 /交叉他们/声隆隆雷鸣? /是谁,我祈祷你? ”我可以看到在你的脸热衷于接听电话。是的,还有谁,如果不是你吗?有了这种决心,最高的山峰将攀升,而广大海域将跨越。

the world outside does not believe in tears, all it pays is initiative, confidence, and perseverance; nor does it believe in destiny, all it rewards is conscientiousness, diligence, and dutifulness. when you set out from this lychee campus, please check that you have left behind arrogance, insularity and slothfulness. try your honest best, but remember to face life with a smile. as long as you have tried the utmost of your heart and strength, you can be ordinary but honorable, broke but respectable.

外面的世界不相信眼泪,一切支付是主动,有信心,有毅力;也不相信命运,所有的奖励是认真,勤奋,和dutifulness 。当你离开这个荔枝校园,请检查您留下傲慢,偏狭和slothfulness 。您可以尝试诚实最好的,但不要忘了面对生活的微笑着。只要您有最大的努力你的心和力量,可以是普通,但光荣的,可敬的爆发,但。小学生毕业英语演讲稿范本

graduation is tinged with a touch of anxiety.

you are standing at a crossroad. where do you go from here? some of you have chosen to pursue further education, others have decided to go to work. whatever your choice, life is sure to await you with frustrations as well as rewards. remember, temporary frustrations is not hell, nor is partial rewards heaven. life is a curious mixture of both, and you have to forge ahead in their amidst. all of us who stay on this campus would be more than happy to receive you back and share your story of growth. in times of success, think of us, and your joy will be doubled; in times of pain and bitterness, think of us, and together we will sing your favorite song:"why fuss over this little pain? we mariners have bigger dream to follow!"


你是站在一个十字路口。如果你何去何从?你们当中有些人已经选择进行进一步的教育,其他人决定去工作。无论您的选择,生活肯定会欢迎您的到来与挫折,以及奖励。请记住,暂时的挫折没有地狱,也不是部分奖励天堂。生活是一种既好奇,你必须在其前进之中。我们大家谁留在这个校园将非常高兴地收到您返回并分享您的故事的增长。在时代的成功,我们认为,和你的快乐将增加一倍;在时代的痛苦和辛酸,想到我们,我们将携手唱你最喜爱的歌曲: “为什么要大惊小怪这个有一点痛?我们水手有更大的梦想后续! “

graduation is a photo album with unfading pictures/forever engraved in the mind.

in the days outside and ahead, whether you would be phenomenally successful or unduly frustrated, certain parts of this lychee campus will always stay in your mind, so will a couple of unforgettable figures who has touched/become part of your life. the same is also true of us, your teachers and elders. we will remember the days which you spent with us, the days which witnessed our successful application for phd degree conferment, and the days when we grow with the undergraduate teaching assessment. the vigor and spirit you've brought to this university will always stay in our minds, so will the years you've spent with us, and the wonders we have jointly created.

毕业是一个相册, 永远铭刻在心灵。


when you take leave tomorrow, or maybe today, please check that you've brought with you all the happiness, strength, and good wishes this lychee campus has to offer, and thrown vexations, fears and gloom into the wind.

autumn floods will join the rivers and flush to the sea, spring clouds will rise above the caves and lit up the sky with sunglows. so will you.

all my best wishes with you, for each and everyone.



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